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July 12, 2011: Eligibility for Dummies

Recently one of the sites the regularly complains about Terry published a faux cover that is to say the least, unflattering. So we created a response. Send it far and wide.


June 7, 2011: Contrasts in Eligibility

The other day in a phone interview Terry Lakin outlined the bewildering number of documents he had to provide to apply for a license in a state in which he had not previously practiced. The contrast was so great we figured this demanded a cartoon.


 April 29, 2011: Eligibility Checklist

Is the provided document adequate to establish Constitutional Eligibility? This cartoon asks the question.


 April 27, 2011: Timeline to Lawsuits

How come the congress, senate, and legal system can rush to investigations over relatively minor issues. But when it comes to really big stuff the issues are continually ignored. This cartoon illustrates the contrast.